Two Little Ducklings Collaboration Emotion Flash Cards (Available feb 1 at 8pm) January 31, 2017 18:25

We are so thrilled to be collaborating with the talented Jacinta from the Melbourne business 'Two Little Ducklings'. 

Each emotion card comes with a complimenting LPB petit bow and cello sleeve.

Imagine how 'proud' you are when your toddler first uses the bathroom or counts to 10. How much you 'love' them just because. How sad they were when their beloved pet passed away or why they are 'scared' at night or 'jealous' the child next door got a new bike... Its all about opening up a new level of communication with your babe... or lets face it, a gorgeous little .. just because... these prints are so darling and bright and perfectly aimed at your little one.. and everything is better topped off with a bow right;)