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Nana Huchy, Enchanting ABC


We are so super excited to be stocking this gorgeous Melbourne based brand. Heres a little about the Nana Huchy Label.....

After traveling the world, it seems true inspiration can be found closer to home, or Nana's home to be more precise. It seems in a faster paced world, the delicate sophistication of yesteryear had fallen by the wayside, Nana Huchy's creators, Lucy and Hannah Morrison, sought to revive a world filled with warmth, fresh colours and unmistakable style, just like their Nana's.

It all started in 2003 when the two set out on an exciting journey, researching the products that were soon to become their trademark pieces. Beginning with an eclectic range of bags, demand soon saw them branching out to create products for the kitchen, boudoir and of course, for the little, cheeky ones. In 2006, Hannah left to pursue other dreams while Lucy continues to scour the world, and her Nana's house, for practical products and designs that bring that unforgettable elegance to anyone's home.


Adored Illustrations was founded by the author of 'The Enchanting ABC' Jessica Spencer as a collaborative project to bring artists together and create a Children's book that is both beautiful and enjoyable to read for parents and children alike. 

The Enchanting ABC is the first collaborative project undertaken and includes illustrations from the following artists whose work can be found via their Instagram accounts:

Amanda Esho - @lilylovesluka

Lauren Hakavalu - @thewhimsicalwall

Renee McGrath & Natalie Muscatello - @toucan_

Kylee Gilbank - @paper_water_print

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